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Dear Parents, Coaches and participants of Carroll County Parks and Recreation

We would like to sincerely thank you for your participation in Carroll County Parks and Recreation. We feel as though with your continued commitment to the children of Carroll County, that we are building one of the premiere parks and recreation programs in the region.

 With growth comes change. In the recent past we have noticed an increasing number of late registrations, even once we have extended the deadlines we are still seeing a large number of people contacting us to register after the deadline has passed. We certainly understand that situations arise that may warrant accepting a late registration, such as the need to reach a minimum number in order to fill or complete another team.

 At the conclusion of basketball registration on October 10, 2018, we will no longer accept late registrations unless it is similar to a situation such as the need to fill a team. We will set the following minimums and maximums on team sports once we reach the registration deadline. If at the time of registration the maximum number is exceeded and we do not see any feasible way to form another team, we reserve the right to exceed that limit. In other words if we have 4 teams in a league and the maximum number per team is 12 and we have 49 players registered, one team will have 13. Same goes if we have 47 players registered, we will accept 1 more player to balance the teams.

By having definitive cut-off dates this allows us to be more proactive in many areas such as communication, schedules, uniform ordering, facility reservations as well as various other things. We are setting the following minimums and maximums for team numbers.

  • Baseball/Softball 11-13
  • 3 on 3 Basketball 4-7
  • Soccer: U8 6-8, U10 9-14, U12 11-15, U14 13-18
  • Adult Volleyball 6-10
  • Adult Wiffle ball 5-10
  • Rising Stars TBD
  • Volleyball Camp TBD
  • Wrestling TBD
  • * Jujitsu TBD

Currently our policy is to leave registration open for 10 weeks on the website (, multiple Facebook notifications and reminders, emails to each person that has ever registered on the website, and finally an advertisement in The News Democrat for 10 weeks as well. We also send home paper flyers and calendars to over 1300 students, as well as passing the same number out during ready fair. We are open to any other forms of communications that will better serve our community of our programs.

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